Transmission Line Basics – 3 MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Transmission Line Basics – 3″.

1. What is the surge impedance if a capacitance of 0.0022 μF (2200 pF) is measured for 100 ft and the inductance of each conductor is measured separately and then added, for a total of 5.5 μH?
a) 48Ω
b) 25Ω
c) 50Ω
d) 74Ω

2. The characteristic impedance of a cable of length 1m is 50Ω. What is the characteristic impedance of the same cable of length 100m?
a) 100Ω
b) 50Ω
c) 25Ω
d) 0.1Ω

3. What the model of transmission line that appears as a distributed low-pass filter consisting of series inductors and resistors and shunt capacitors and resistors called?
a) Impedance model of transmission line
b) Lumped model of distributed line
c) Capacitative model of transmission line
d) Complex resistive model of transmission line

4. Speed of signal in transmission line is equal to the speed of light.
a) True
b) False

5. What is the velocity factor of a coaxial cable having an insulator with dielectric constant 2.1?
a) 0.69
b) 0.54
c) 0.32
d) 0.45

6. What type of transmission line is used to intentionally delay the signal?
a) Parallel lines
b) Serial lines
c) Delay lines
d) Transit lines

7. The velocity factor of a coaxial cable is typically 0.8. What is the speed of transmission?
a) 0.8 x 108 m/s
b) 2.4 x 108 m/s
c) 1.7 x 108 m/s
d) 0.2 x 108 m/s

8. Calculate the velocity factor if the transmission speed is 2.04 x 108.
a) 0.43
b) 0.25
c) 0.74
d) 0.68

9. if the capacitance of a particular line is 30 pF/ft and its inductance is 0.075 μH/ft,What is the delay time?
a) 0.05 ns/ft
b) 1.62 ns/ft
c) 2.5 ns/ft
d) 1.5 ns/ft

10. What is the time delay in a coaxial cable is the dielectric constant is 2.3?
a) 1.36 ns/ft
b) 1.54 ns/ft
c) 5.21 ns/ft
d) 0.21 ns/ft

11. What is the phase shift for a transmission line which carries a signal of time period 250ns and has a delay of 75 ns?
a) 108°
b) 147°
c) 154°
d) 96°

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