Switching Circuit MCQ’s

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This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Switching Circuit”.

1. What will be the effect on power in amplitude modulated system if we increase the modulation index?
a) increases
b) becomes twice
c) remains same
d) decreases

2. What is the modulation index for getting maximum power in amplitude modulated system?
a) 1
b) 12
c) 0.3
d) 0.8

3. If we compared to the USB, the power in the LSB is ________
a) one-fourth of USB
b) twice of USB
c) same as USB
d) half of USB

4. How can we derive FM from PM?
a) by integrating the modulating signal before applying to the PM oscillator
b) by integrating signal out of the PM oscillator
c) by differentiating the modulating signal before applying to the PM oscillator
d) by differentiating signal out of the PM oscillator

5. Which effect is observed when FM reception deteriorates abruptly due to noise?
a) Threshold effect
b) Capture effect
c) Noise effect
d) Limit effect

6. Signal to noise ratio of a frequency modulated system is better than amplitude modulated system.
a) True
b) False

7. FM bandwidth can be approximated by ________
a) Carson’s rule
b) Armstrong’s rule
c) Bessel’s rule
d) Pythagoras rule

8. FM stereo _________
a) is implemented using an SCA signal
b) has a higher signal to noise ratio than mono FM
c) is not compatible with mono FM
d) uses DSBSC AM modulation

9. What will be the effect on power if the distance between the sidebands and center frequency increases?
a) power decreases
b) power increases
c) power remains same
d) power becomes twice of its previous value

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