Striplines MCQ’s

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This set of RF & Microwave Circuit Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Striplines”.

1. The higher order wave guide modes of propagation can be avoided in a strip line by:
a) Restricting both the ground plate spacing and the sidewall width to less than λd/2
b) Restricting both the ground facing plate spacing and the sidewall width to less than λd
c) Filling the region between 2 plates with di electric
d) Restricting both the ground plate spacing and the sidewall width between λg and λg/2

2. Stripline can be compared to a:
a) Flattened rectangular waveguide
b) Flattened circular waveguide
c) Flattened co axial cable
d) None of the mentioned

3. Which mode of propagation is supported by a strip line?
a) TEM mode
b) TM mode
c) TE mode
d) None of the mentioned

4. If the dielectric material filled between the round plates of a microstrip line has a relative permittivity of 2.4, then the phase velocity is:
a) 1.3*108 m/s
b) 1.9*108 m/s
c) 3*108 m/s
d) 2*108 m/s

5. If the phase velocity in a stripline is 2.4*108m/s, and the capacitance per unit length of a micro stripline is 10pF/m, then the characteristic impedance of the line:
a) 50 Ω
b) 41.6 Ω
c) 100 Ω
d) None of the mentioned

6. If the effective width of the center conductor is 3 mm and the distance between the two ground plates is 0.32 cm with the material of the dielectric used having a relative permittivity of 2.5, then what is the characteristic impedance of the strip line?
a) 50Ω
b) 71.071Ω
c) 43.24Ω
d) 121Ω

7. Expression for propagation constant β of a strip line is:
a) ω(√µ∈∈r)
b) ω(√µₒ/√∈r)
c) ω/(√µₒ∈ₒ∈r)

8. The expression for characteristic impedance Zₒ of a stripline is:
a) (30πb/√∈r)(1/We+0.441b)
b) (30πb) (1/We+0.441b)
c) 30π/√∈r
d) (1/We+0.441b)

9. The wave number of a stripline operating at a frequency of 10 GHz is:
a) 401
b) 155
c) 206
d) 310

10. If the dielectric material used between the grounded plates of a stripline is 2.2, when the strip line operating at 8 GHz, the wavelength on stripline is:
a) 1.2 cm
b) 2.52 cm
c) 0.15 cm
d) 3.2 cm

11. If the loss tangent is 0.001 for a stripline operating at 12 GHz with the relative permittivity of the dielectric material being used equal to 2.6, then the conductor loss is:
a) 0.102
b) 0.202
c) 0.001
d) 0.002

12. Fields of TEM mode on strip line must satisfy:
a) Laplace’s equation
b) Ampere’s circuital law
c) Gaussian law
d) None of the mentioned

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