Stellar Sensor Design MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Stellar Sensor Design”.

1. What is the physical diameter of the first optical element in the telescope?
a) Optical aperture
b) Field of view
c) Effective focal length
d) Light detector

2. What is the image of the star at the focal plane called as?
a) Star fixed image
b) Celestial interference image
c) Diffraction limited image
d) Spot image

3. Which of the following uses lens and mirrors for focusing?
a) Refractive
b) Reflecting
c) Catadioptric
d) Orthogonal

4. The physical size of the star depends upon __________
a) Angular size of image
b) Intensity of image
c) Colour of image
d) Shape of image

5. Star signal power is directly proportional to an effective area of a telescope.
a) True
b) False

6. The star signal power does not depend on _____________
a) Spectral irradiance of stellar light
b) Spectral response of the light detector
c) Brightness of the star
d) Size of the star

7. The ratio of the focal length to aperture is called the __________
a) Critical aperture
b) Effective aperture
c) Focal number
d) f/ number

8. Anti reflection coated optics reduce __________
a) Optical transmission losses
b) Reflection angle
c) Refraction
d) Intensity of star image

9. The sky background power does not depend on _______
a) Effective entrance area to the telescope
b) Field of view of the telescope
c) Background radiance
d) Intensity of observing star

10. The ratio of the photons converted to signal generating electrons to the total number of photons arriving is called as?
a) Quantum efficiency
b) Photon ratio
c) Conversion ratio
d) Photons to electron ratio

11. The use of ______ allows a small sky background view with a large telescopic field view?
a) CCD
b) CVF
c) VVR
d) CSK

12. The effect of night sky background effect is negligible with respect to star power.
a) True
b) False

13. The photovoltaic or photoconductive detectors are packaged as ___________
a) Star detectors
b) Star position fixer
c) Charge coupled devices
d) Photon coupled devices

14. The threshold level of star detection is a function of _________
a) Star brightness
b) Star position fix
c) Star size
d) Sky view

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