Sidebands and Frequency Domain MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Sidebands and Frequency Domain”.

1. What type of display will give us clear information on the signal if it is made up of different frequencies?
a) Frequency domain display
b) Amplitude domain display
c) Time domain display
d) Bandwidth display

2. What is the upper sideband frequency if the carrier frequency and the modulating signal frequency is 30 KHz and 80 Hz respectively?
a) 3000Hz
b) 30.8KHz
c) 3080KHz
d) 30.8Hz

3. What is the wave of frequency that occurs at the sum and difference of the carrier and modulating signal is called?
a) Noise signals
b) Sideband
c) Extraband
d) Neutral band

4. What is the maximum carrier frequency to be used if the upper limit frequency that is available is 4000Hz and the frequency of the modulating signal is 100Hz?
a) 4100Hz
b) 4000Hz
c) 400Hz
d) 3900Hz

5. What is the bandwidth of the signal if the upper sideband frequency and the lower sideband frequency are 7350 KHz and 7210 KHz respectively?
a) 14,560KHz
b) 140KHz
c) 1500KHz
d) 800KHz

6. If an AM signal is transmitted at a frequency of 990KHz and the and is allowed to transmit modulating frequencies up to 5KHz, What is the maximum upper sideband that is produced?
a) 995Khz
b) 985Khz
c) 4950Khz
d) 198KHz

7. What is the instrument that is used to represent the frequency domain of the signal?
a) Frequency indicator
b) Amplitude indicator
c) Spectrum analyzer
d) Oscilloscope

8. What is the bandwidth of the signal if the highest frequency in the modulating signal is 3 KHz?
a) 6Khz
b) 3KHz
c) 5Khz
d) 140Khz

9. Square waves are made up of numerous Fundamental sin waves.
a) True
b) False

10. Which of the following is an example of CW transmission?
a) Sensor data transmission
b) Morse code transmission
c) Audio signal transmission
d) TV wave transmission

11. What is the total power if the carrier power is 30W and the percentage of modulation is 85%?
a) 70W
b) 40.8W
c) 51.6W
d) 20W

12. Where is ASK used?
a) Binary data transmission
b) Analog data transmission
c) TV waves transmission
d) Audio signal transmission

13. What is harmonic sideband interference known as?
a) Sideband interference
b) Decay
c) Distortion
d) Splatter

14. What is the power in each sideband if the carrier power is 30W and percentage of modulation is 85%?
a) 8.55W
b) 5.418W
c) 7.542W
d) 1.235W

15. What is the percent of modulation if the power in the side band is 5W and carrier power is 30W?
a) 0.81
b) 0.8
c) 0.4
d) 0.2

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