Redundancy and Failure Survival in FBW MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Redundancy and Failure Survival in FBW”.

1. What is MTBF?
a) Mean Time Before Fracture
b) Minimum Time Between Failures
c) Maximum Time Between Failures
d) Mean Time Between Failures

2. What is called a quadruplex system?
a) System with 4 channels
b) System with 8 channels
c) System which does not fail
d) System with 4 times the speed

3. What is the failure probability figure of a commercial aircraft?
a) 1×10-4/hr
b) 1×10-6/hr
c) 1×10-11/hr
d) 1×10-20/hr

4. In a quadruplex system, when does a passive fail situation occur?
a) When all the channels fail
b) When 3 channels fail and none is disconnected
c) When 2 channels fail none is disconnected
d) When 1 channel fail none is disconnected

5. Complete the signal flow diagram for a monitored system

Signal flow diagram

a) Lane
b) Flight control computer
c) Monitor
d) Error compensator

6. How is failure detected in a quadruplex system?
a) Cross comparing signals and voting
b) Monitoring signals
c) Adding signals
d) Subtracting signals

7. Which of the following uses a monitoring system to check the function of channels?
a) Matching triplex
b) Monitored triplex
c) Master triplex
d) Major triplex

8. What type of system does the figure represent?

Monitored duplex system diagram

a) Monitored system
b) Duplex system
c) Monitored duplex system
d) Monitored diplex system

9. What are C 1, C 2, C 3, C 4 in the following diagram of the quadruplex system?

Quadruplex system diagram

a) Computer
b) Power control unit
c) Monitor
d) Blank box

10. Which of the following is not a common mode failure?
a) Lightning strike
b) Fire/explosion/battle damage
c) Bird strike
d) Incorrect maintenance

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