Paging – 2 MCQ’s

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This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Paging – 2″.

1. If a page number is not found in the TLB, then it is known as a ____________
a) TLB miss
b) Buffer miss
c) TLB hit
d) All of the mentioned

2. An ______ uniquely identifies processes and is used to provide address space protection for that process.
a) address space locator
b) address space identifier
c) address process identifier
d) none of the mentioned

3. Each entry in a translation lookaside buffer (TLB) consists of ____________
a) key
b) value
c) bit value
d) constant

4. The percentage of times a page number is found in the TLB is known as ____________
a) miss ratio
b) hit ratio
c) miss percent
d) none of the mentioned

5. When the valid – invalid bit is set to valid, it means that the associated page ____________
a) is in the TLB
b) has data in it
c) is in the process’s logical address space
d) is the system’s physical address space

6. When there is a large logical address space, the best way of paging would be ____________
a) not to page
b) a two level paging algorithm
c) the page table itself
d) all of the mentioned

7. Memory protection in a paged environment is accomplished by ____________
a) protection algorithm with each page
b) restricted access rights to users
c) restriction on page visibility
d) protection bit with each page

8. Illegal addresses are trapped using the _____ bit.
a) error
b) protection
c) valid – invalid
d) access

9. In a paged memory, the page hit ratio is 0.35. The required to access a page in secondary memory is equal to 100 ns. The time required to access a page in primary memory is 10 ns. The average time required to access a page is?
a) 3.0 ns
b) 68.0 ns
c) 68.5 ns
d) 78.5 ns

10. In paged memory systems, if the page size is increased, then the internal fragmentation generally ____________
a) becomes less
b) becomes more
c) remains constant
d) none of the mentioned

11. To obtain better memory utilization, dynamic loading is used. With dynamic loading, a routine is not loaded until it is called. For implementing dynamic loading ____________
a) special support from hardware is required
b) special support from operating system is essential
c) special support from both hardware and operating system is essential
d) user programs can implement dynamic loading without any special support from hardware or operating system

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