Linear Defects – 1 MCQ’s

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This set of Materials Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Linear Defects – 1″.

1. The magnitude and direction of lattice distortion are expressed in terms of which vector?
a) Dislocation vector
b) Screw vector
c) Edge vector
d) Burger vector

2. What is the relative orientation of dislocation lines for edge dislocation?
a) Parallel
b) Perpendicular
c) Circular
d) Both parallel and perpendicular

3. A dissolution in which an extra portion of a plane of atoms or a half plane terminates within a crystal is called as ________
a) Edge dislocation
b) Mixed dislocation
c) Interfacial dislocation
d) Screw dislocation

4. What type of direction will the burger vector of dislocation for a metallic material show?
a) Closed-packed crystallographic direction
b) Rounded-packed crystallographic direction
c) Open-packed crystallographic direction
d) Parallel-packed crystallographic direction

5. Path of screw dislocation is in the form of _______
a) Circular
b) Cylindrical
c) Spiral or helical
d) Rectangular

6. Which type of stress is involved in the motion of screw dislocation?
a) Tensile stress
b) Shear stress
c) Compressive stress
d) Does not involve stress

7. Which technique is used to observe dislocation?
a) Positron annihilation technique
b) Thermal imaging
c) Thermal expansion measurements
d) Electron-microscope technique

8. Which type of deformation occurs due to dislocation?
a) Slip plastic deformation
b) Elastic deformation
c) It does not show deformation
d) Slip elastic deformation

9. Which type(s) of dislocation are included in mixed dislocation?
a) Only Edge dislocation
b) Only shear dislocation
c) Only screw dislocation
d) Both edge and screw dislocation

10. What is the mechanism in which edge dislocation move out of the slip is called _______
a) Climb dislocation
b) Screw dislocation
c) Shear dislocation
d) Slip dislocation

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