Interfacing With 8051 Ports – 1 MCQ’s

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This set of Microprocessor Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Interfacing With 8051 Ports – 1″.

1. Each port line of a port can individually source a current of upto
a) 0.2 mA
b) 0.25 mA
c) 0.5 mA
d) 0.75 mA

2. Each port line of a port can individually sink a current of upto
a) 2 mA
b) 8 mA
c) 5 mA
d) 1 mA

3. Which of the following is not one of the SFR addresses of the ports of 8051?
a) 80H
b) 90H
c) A0H

4. The number of TTL inputs that can be sinked by the port 0 when a logic 0 is sent to a port line as an output port is
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

5. The port that can source or sink 4 LS TTL inputs when being used as an output port on each of its line is
a) Port 1
b) Port 2
c) Port 3
d) all of the mentioned

6. If the EA(active low) signal is grounded then the execution
a) directly start from main memory
b) directly start from 16 bit address in main memory
c) directly start from 16 bit address in program memory
d) directly start from RAM

7. The open drain bidirectional (input or output) port with internal pullups is
a) Port 0
b) Port 1
c) Port 2
d) Port 3

8. The port that will source a current of 500 micro amperes when being used as input ports is
a) 0.5 mA
b) 0.25 mA
c) 250 micro amperes
d) 500 micro amperes

9. When the port lines of a port are to be used as input lines then the value that must be written to the port address is
a) F0H
b) 0FH
c) FFH
d) 00H

10. The configuration in which each LED receives operating current of 8 mA from power supply while the port lines sink the current on each port line is
a) common port configuration
b) common anode configuration
c) common cathode configuration
d) none of the mentioned

11. Port 1 lines are used during programming of
a) external EPROM and EEPROM
b) external ROM and RAM
c) internal ROM and RAM
d) internal EPROM and EEPROM

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