IC Voltage Regulator MCQ’s

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This set of Signals & Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “IC Voltage Regulator”.

1. What is the dropout voltage in a three terminal IC regulator?
a) |Vin| ≥ |Vo|+2v
b) |Vin| < |Vo|-2v
c) |V in| = |Vo|
d) |Vin| ≤ |Vo|

2. To get a maximum output current, IC regulation are provided with
a) Radiation source
b) Heat sink
c) Peak detector
d) None of the mentioned

3. Which is not considered as a linear voltage regulator?
a) Fixed output voltage regulator
b) Adjustable output voltage regulator
c) Switching regulator
d) Special regulator

4. For the given circuit, let VEB(ON)=1v, ß= 15 and IO=2mA. Calculate the load current

Calculate the load current from the given circuit diagram

a) IL = 23.45A
b) IL = 46.32A
c) IL = 56.87A
d) IL = 30.75A

5. State the reason for thermal shutdown of IC regulator?
a) Spikes in temperature
b) Decrease in temperature
c) Fluctuation in temperature
d) Increase in temperature

6. The change in output voltage for the corresponding change in load current in a 7805 IC regulator is defined as
a) All of the mentioned
b) Line regulation
c) Load regulation
d) Input regulation

7. Which type of regulator is considered more efficient?
a) All of the mentioned
b) Special regulator
c) Fixed output regulator
d) Switching regulator

8. Find the difference between output current having a load of 100Ω and 120Ω for 7805 IC regulator. Consider the following specification: Voltage across the load = 5v; Voltage across the internal resistor= 350mv.
a) 8.4mA
b) 7mA
c) 9mA
d) 3.4mA

9. An IC 7840 regulator has an output current =180mA and internal resistor =10Ω. Find the collector current in the output using the transistor specification: ß=15 and VEB(ON) =1.5v.
a) 270mA
b) 450mA
c) 100mA
d) 50mA

10. In the circuit given below, let VEB(ON)=0.8v and ß=16. Calculate the output current coming from 7805 IC and collector current coming from transistor Q1 for a load of 5Ω.

Calculate the output current coming from 7805 IC & collector current coming from transistor Q1

a) IO =111mA, IC= 808mA
b) IO =111mA, IC= 829mA
c) IO =111mA, IC= 881mA
d) IO =111mA, IC= 889mA

11. Compute the input voltage of 7805c voltage regulator with a current source that will deliver a 0.725A current to 65Ω, 10w load. (Assume reference voltage =5v)
a) Vin = 84v
b) Vin = 34v
c) Vin = 54v
d) Vin = 64v

12. How the average temperature coefficient of output voltage expressed in fixed voltage regulator?
a) miilivolts/oC
b) miilivoltsoC
c) None of the mentioned
d) oC/ miilivolts

13. Calculate the output voltage for LM314 regulator. The current IADJ is very small in the order of 100µA. (Assume VREF=1.25v)

Calculate the output voltage for LM314 regulator

a) 17.17v
b) 34.25v
c) 89.34v
d) 23.12v

14. Which of the following is not a characteristic of adjustable voltage regulators?
a) Non-versatile
b) Better performance
c) Increased reliability
d) None of the mentioned

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