Hyperbolic Radio Systems – 2 MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Hyperbolic Radio Systems – 2″.

1. Which mode of Loran-C requires a minimum of 3 transmitters with iterative computation to obtain a fix?
a) Hyperbolic mode
b) Rho-Rho-Rho
c) Rho-Rho-Theta
d) Rho-Theta-Zulu

2. Which of the following is false about Direct ranging in Loran-C?
a) Uses Rho-Rho mode
b) Requires minimum 2 stations
c) Cost efficient
d) High stable user frequency standard

3. What is used to indicate that a baseline is not usable?
a) Blank
b) Blink
c) Pulse
d) Continuous wave

4. Which of the following advantages does the differential Loran-C provide?
a) Stable user frequency
b) No seasonal errors
c) Cost efficient
d) Very high range of 500miles

5. What is the number of systems used for redundancy in a transmitting station?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 5
d) 3

6. In Omega system, a given frequency is transmitted by only one station at any given time.
a) True
b) False

7. Which of the following methods breaks the signal into finite segments to find the ASF?
a) Millington’s method
b) Bill’s method
c) Differential method
d) Table look up process

8. Which of the following derives all the signals needed by the transmitter from the timer?
b) ECD
c) HCG

9. HCGs are the power generators of the Loran-C transmitter stations.
a) True
b) False

10. What type of transmission is used in Omega system?
a) Amplitude modulated wave
b) Continuous wave
c) Phase modulated wave
d) Frequency modulated wave

11. _____ acts as a coarse tuning device for the antenna?
a) Loop
b) Helix
c) Amplifiers
d) Filters

12. What is the use of notch filters in Loran-C receivers?
a) Reduce interference from other frequencies
b) Reduce interference from other stations
c) Reduce interference from sky waves
d) Reduce atmospheric noise

13. Which of the following type is not used in an Omega system?
a) Grounded tower
b) Insulated tower
c) Hanging tower
d) Valley span

14. What type of transmitter is used in a Decca system?
a) Frequency synthesizer
b) Local oscillator
c) Crystal controlled
d) Digital

15. What is the approximate range of Chayka system?
a) 200mi
b) 100mi
c) 300mi
d) 1000mi

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