Helmet Mounted Displays MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Helmet Mounted Displays”.

1. Which one of the following is not an essential factor in integrating the HMD with the helmet?
a) Must not interfere with the oxygen mask
b) Protect eyes and head during high-speed ejection
c) Geometry of the cockpit
d) Overall minimum weight for comfort

2. What is the weight the pilot will feel on his head while executing a 9g maneuver with an HMD helmet of weight 800g?
a) 7.2kg
b) 0.72kg
c) 70.06kg
d) 9kg

3. Which of the following is not true with respect to HMD (Helmet Mounted Display)?
a) The flight parameters are displayed in the visor of the helmet
b) HMD comprises of collimated display
c) Using HMD the pilot has a FOV (Field OF Vision) of 360° without moving his head
d) The flight parameters are displayed in the pilot’s line of sight

4. Which does not affect the inertial forces felt by the pilot when accelerating or decelerating?
a) Positioning CG with the pivoting point of the head
b) Reduce the weight of the helmet
c) Keeping the head in the upright position
d) Reduce the moment of inertia about yaw and pitch axis

5. Monocular rivalry occurs due to the brain trying to concentrate on _________
a) two equal displays on both the eyes
b) two different displays on both the eyes
c) one eye with display and the other eye without display
d) both the outside world image and the displayed image in one eye

6. In what type of display is the image projected directly to the retina of the pilot?
a) Virtual reality display
b) Binocular HMD
c) God’s eye view display
d) Optical display

7. What are the advantages of HMS (Helmet Mounted Sights) over HMD?
a) Display flight data in the pilot’s line of sight
b) Provide target locking capabilities by looking at the target
c) Provide a FOV of 360°
d) Provide enhanced vision by combining radar and FLIR

8. Why are IIT (Image Intensifier Tubes) used in HMD?
a) Clarity of outside world scene
b) Provide night vision capabilities
c) Terrain mapping
d) Compensation for parallax errors

9. Which of the following does not provide a proper reason for not using HMD in civil aircraft?
a) No need of helmets in civil aircraft
b) Acoustic noise level in civil aircrafts is much lower
c) Situational awareness is needed in civil aircraft
d) An oxygen mask is required only in the case of cabin depressurization

10. HMD has less accuracy than HUD when it comes to the unguided weapon.
a) True
b) False

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