Helicopter, Optical and Hyper Sonic Air Data MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Helicopter, Optical and Hyper Sonic Air Data”.

1. Which of the following cannot be used to obtain an approximate velocity?
a) GPS
b) Doppler radar system
c) Inertial navigation system
d) Primary radar

2. The conventional pitot tube cannot be used under______
a) 100 knots
b) 40 knots
c) 2 knots
d) 80 knots

3. Airspeed is not an essential quantity for rotorcrafts.
a) True
b) False

4. Why is the static source errors compensated in helicopters?
a) Due to difference in rotor down wash
b) Not economical
c) Requires high computational power
d) Static source error does not matter

5. Which of the following is false with respect to rotating anemometer?
a) Used in low speeds
b) High sensitivity
c) Airspeed is measured in forward direction
d) Can be used within the rotor blade

6. Which of the following systems use a gimballed pitot tube?
a) Swiveling pitot tube below rotor
b) Omni directional pitot tube
c) Rotating anemometer
d) Rotating pitot tube

7. Device that causes the magnitude of pressure to change when the aircraft speed nears zero are called ______
a) Airspeed indicator
b) Low speed indicators
c) Stall indicators
d) Rotating anemometer

8. Airspeed measurements can be made by measuring the vortex’s _______
a) Strength
b) Frequency
c) Vorticity
d) Direction

9. What is required to accommodate for the ground effect in swiveling pitot tube below rotor system?
a) Secondary radar
b) Doppler
c) GPS
d) Radio altimeter

10. What is the approximate accuracy of laser velocimeter?
a) 1 knot and below
b) 2.5 knots
c) 10 knots
d) 0.14 knots

11. Air data measurements in hypersonic flight provide primary flight control parameters.
a) True
b) False

12. What instrument measures the velocity by Doppler shift from backscatter of aerosol particles?
a) Rotating anemometer
b) Doppler radar
c) Laser velocimeter
d) Laser pitot tube

13. The configuration in which multiple pressure ports are located in the aircraft forebody is called as _____
a) Flush air data system
b) Redundant air data system
c) Multiple port system
d) Nose cone port system

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