Fly-By-Wire Technology – 2 MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Fly-By-Wire Technology – 2″.

1. What does FBW use to scale the control surface deflection according to the aircraft’s airspeed and height?
a) Air Data Computer
b) Flight Management System
c) Flight Control Computer
d) Autopilot system

2. What is the incidence angle in the yaw plane called?
a) Side slip angle
b) Yaw angle
c) Crossflow angle
d) Angle of crosswind

3. What type of system is classified as “Direct electric link system”?
a) Systems with parallel wire connection
b) System with serial wire connection
c) System with motion sensor feedback
d) System without motion sensor feedback

4. Why does an FBW system use a smaller tail area?
a) Bigger tails are harder to move as they produce larger wing loads
b) Actively controls the tail thus making up for the reduced stability due to lesser area
c) Tail does not contribute much to stability and its area can thus be reduced effectively
d) To reduce weight and drag but at a cost of natural stability

5. A highly stable aircraft is not easily maneuverable.
a) True
b) False

6. Why are dampers an essential element in FBW inceptors?
a) Control aircraft stability by damping forces
b) Acts as a low pass filter on the stick movement
c) Provides accurate deflections
d) To prevent aircraft to carry out critical maneuvers

7. An aircraft is negatively stable when ______
a) its tailplane produces negative lift (downwards)
b) its tailplane produces positive lift (upwards)
c) its tailplane does not produce lift
d) it is flying inverted

8. A FBW control stick is referred as _______
a) FBW joystick
b) FBW control pad
c) FBW inceptor
d) FBW analog stick

9. FBW has the power to reject pilot inputs in extreme situations.
a) True
b) False

10. Fill the missing block in the roll rate command system.

Roll rate command system diagram

a) Rate gyro
b) Flight control computer
c) Display
d) Autopilot

11. What is the relation between autopilot and FBW?
a) FBW provides autopilot commands for roll, pitch, and yaw
b) Autopilot provides FBW commands of roll, pitch, and yaw
c) Autopilot is a part of FBW system
d) Autopilot is not related to FBW

12. Why is FBW essential in stealth aircraft?
a) FBW system damps radar energy
b) Improves control
c) Reduces engine noise
d) Disturbs tracking techniques used by missiles

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