Extended Instruction Set In Advanced Pentium Processors, Formal Verification MCQ’s

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This set of Microprocessor Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Extended Instruction Set In Advanced Pentium Processors, Formal Verification”.

1. For single precision floating point numbers, the SSE instructions are
a) MMX instructions
b) SIMD instructions
c) Floating point executions
d) None

2. The feature of SSE among the following is
a) operate on four 32-bit floating points
b) register size is of 128 bits
c) no switching from one mode to other
d) all of the mentioned

3. The MMX instructions support only
a) character data type
b) float data type
c) integer data type
d) string data type

4. The new instructions that are added in SSE for floating point operations are of
a) 72
b) 50
c) 25
d) 8

5. Which of the following group is not of SSE instructions?
a) jump or branch group of instruction
b) logic and comparison group of instruction
c) shuffle instructions
d) all of the mentioned

6. The data type that the SSE2 instructions doesn’t support is
a) single precision floating points
b) double precision floating points
c) single and double precision floating points
d) none of the mentioned

7. The SSE instructions can operate on
a) packed data
b) unpacked data
c) dynamic data
d) all of the mentioned

8. Which of the following is true about SSE2 instructions in Pentium III and Pentium 4?
a) SSE increases the accuracy of double precision floating point operations
b) SSE supports new formats of packed data
c) SSE increases the speed of manipulation of SIMD integer operations
d) All of the mentioned

9. The additional instructions of SSE3 over SSE2 contains
a) video encoding
b) complex arithmetic operation
c) thread synchronization
d) all of the mentioned

10. The verification of the logic using formal mathematical tools is called
a) arithmetic verification
b) formal verification
c) mathematical verification
d) logical verification

11. By using the techniques of formal verification, one can detect the logical bugs of
a) more than 50
b) less than 50
c) more than 100
d) less than 100

12. The unit that may acts as an interface between the Front end and the Out of order execution engine in the pipeline flow is
a) micro-op queue
b) micro-op stack
c) micro-ops
d) none

13. The formal verification is important for
a) developing the tools
b) developing the methodologies
c) to detect the bugs in design
d) all of the mentioned

14. The modern processors are designed to achieve
a) high speed
b) operate at low operating voltage
c) uses cooling technology
d) all of the mentioned

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