Electronic Scanned Array Radar MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Electronic Scanned Array Radar”.

1. How is the radar beam moved in the ESA?
a) Phase shift
b) Mechanical gimbal
c) Mechanical servos
d) Hydraulics

2. Which of the following determines the direction of the antenna beam in ESA?
a) Physical direction of antenna
b) Direction of aircraft nose
c) Slope of the phase taper
d) Mechanical gimbal

3. What is the fundamental limitation of the radar that is overcome by Electronic scanned array radars?
a) More clarity
b) Situation awareness
c) Better range
d) Less noise

4. The ESA radar beam can be repositioned in a few _______
a) Microseconds
b) Nanoseconds
c) Milliseconds
d) Seconds

5. Which of the following are present in an ESA?
a) Gimbals
b) Electronic motors
c) Phase shifter
d) Potentiometer

6. Which of the following is false with respect to PESA?
a) PESA can only have one main beam and one transmit power source
b) All elements combine to a single receiver. Each element steers the beam through phase shifters
c) Because it uses a, multiple frequencies, it is less susceptible to enemy jammers
d) PESA is more technically simple

7. The ESA is more _________ since it has no moving parts.
a) Prone to failure
b) Powerful
c) Reliable
d) Accurate

8. Both AESA and PESA are ________ radars?
a) Pulse
b) Continuous wave
c) Low frequency
d) Analog

9. What is the number of transmitting modules in a common AESA?
a) 20 to 50
b) 1000 to 2000
c) 150 to 200
d) 1

10. AESA is more reliable than PESA.
a) True
b) False

11. Which of the following can track multiple targets with ease?
c) ESA
d) Conical radar antenna

12. Which one of the following is common between AESA and PESA?
a) Number of transmitting modules
b) Number of frequencies that can be used
c) Power required by each transmitter
d) Electronic scanning capability

13. AESA can alter its transmitting and receiving patterns.
a) True
b) False

14. The possibility of one phased array radar to act as multiple radars is called as _______
a) ESA
b) Multimode
c) Digital
d) interleaving radar modes

15. In an aircraft ESA the beam shape and direction is controlled by _______
a) Navigator
b) Computer
c) Ground controller
d) Cannot be controlled

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