Design of a PC Based Multimicroprocessor System MCQ’s

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This set of Microprocessor Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Design of a PC Based Multimicroprocessor System”.

1. The master processor stores the result buffers on to the hard disk with the filename as
a) .EXE file
b) .OBJ file
c) .EXE file with extension .RES
d) .OBJ file with extension .RES

2. The 8288 bus controller chip derives the signals
a) ALE
b) DEN
c) DT/R(active low)
d) All of the mentioned

3. The files that reside in the current drive and directory of the hard disk is
a) OBJ files
b) EXE files
c) SRC files
d) DEST files

4. The EXE files should not exceed the size of
a) 30 KB
b) 50 KB
c) 60 KB
d) 40 KB

5. When a subprocessor wants to communicate with the bus window, it informs the main processor to
a) enable control buffer
b) storage buffer
c) disable tristate buffer
d) translation look aside buffer

6. For MEMR(active low) and MEMWR(active low) operations the mode of isolation buffer should respectively be in
a) receiver mode, receiver mode
b) transmit mode, receiver mode
c) receiver mode, transmit mode
d) transmit mode, transmit mode

7. A part of memory that can be addressed by more than one processor for communication is known as
a) memory module
b) bus window
c) ram
d) memory management unit

8. When the subprocessor completes its execution, then the status on the status lines shows
a) hold status
b) halt status
c) high status
d) low status

9. If the DIR pin of the isolation chip is high, then it enters into
a) receiver mode
b) virtual access mode
c) transmit or receive mode
d) transmit mode

10. The complete software system is divided into
a) main program
b) Interrupt routine IRT2 for first subprocessing the unit
c) Interrupt routine IRT3 for first subprocessing the unit
d) all of the mentioned

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