Data Conversion – 1 MCQ’s

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This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Data Conversion – 1″.

1. The process of converting a continuous analog signal to a discrete digital signal is called?
a) Discretisation
b) Sampling
c) Preemphasis
d) Reduction

2. What is the minimum frequency of sampling so that the analog waveform is adequately expressed?
a) Minimum sampling rate
b) Minimum sampling frequency
c) Nyquist frequency
d) Conversion rate

3. What is the main role of an ADC?
a) Amplify
b) Convert analog to digital
c) Reduce noise
d) Increase range

4. What is the minimum rate at which an analog signal of frequency 6000Hz is sampled?
a) 6000Hz
b) 60Hz
c) 120Hz
d) 12000Hz

5. What is the error that occurs when the number of bits is not sufficient enough to represent the analog voltages?
a) Data error
b) Sampling error
c) Acquisition error
d) Quantization error

6. What is the rms noise voltage if the weight of the LSB is 0.005865?
a) 5mV
b) 1mV
c) 1.7mV
d) 0.7mV

7. What is the number of voltage increments that can be represented in an 8-bit system?
a) 255
b) 256
c) 215
d) 126

8. What is the maximum amount of quantization error that can occur in a 10bit system in the input analog voltage is from 0V to 6V?
a) 10mV
b) 6mV
c) 0.5mV
d) 1mV

9. What is the signal frequency if the rectangular digital wave has a time period of 71.4μs?
a) 14,006Hz
b) 15,036Hz
c) 14Hz
d) 21,436Hz

10. What is the output of a digital to analog converter?
a) Smooth continuous wave
b) Stairstep wave
c) Triangular waves
d) Circular waves

11. What is the 5th harmonic of the rectangular digital wave if the frequency is 14kHz?
a) 21kHz
b) 45kHz
c) 25kHz
d) 70kHz

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