DAC / ADC Specification MCQ’s

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This set of Signals & Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “DAC / ADC Specification”.

1. Non-linearity in the output of converter is expressed in
a) None of the mentioned
b) Percentage of reference voltage
c) Percentage of resolution
d) Percentage of full scale voltage

2. A binary input 000 is fed to a 3bit DAC/ADC. The resultant output is 101. Find the type of error?
a) Settling error
b) Gain error
c) Offset error
d) Linearity error

3. Find out the resolution of 8 bit DAC/ADC?
a) 562
b) 625
c) 256
d) 265

4. How many equal intervals are present in a 14-bit D-A converter?
a) 16383
b) 4095
c) 65535
d) 1023

55. Find the resolution of a 10-bit AD converter for an input range of 10v?
a) 97.7mv
b) 9.77mv
c) 0.977mv
d) 977mv

6. The maximum deviation between actual and ideal converter output after the removal of error is
a) Absolute accuracy
b) Relative accuracy
c) Relative /absolute accuracy
d) Linearity

7. Resolution of a 6 bit DAC can be stated as
a) Resolution of 1 part in 63
b) 6-bit resolution
c) Resolution of 1.568% of full scale
d) All of the mentioned

8. A good converter exhibits a linearity error
a) Less than or equal to (1/2)LSB
b) Greater than equal to (1/2)LSB
c) Greater than or equal to (1/2)LSB
d) None of the mentioned

9. A monotonic DAC is one whose analog output increases for
a) Decreases in digital input
b) An increases in analog input
c) An increases in digital input
d) Decreases in analog input

10. The time taken for the output to settle within a specified band of its final value is referred as
a) Conversion time
b) Settling time
c) Take off time
d) All of the mentioned

11. All the commercially available DAC are
a) Monotonic
b) Non-monotonic
c) Either monotonic or non-monotonic
d) None of the mentioned

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