Control of the Effects of Disturbance Signals by Use of Feedback MCQ’s

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This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Control of the Effects of Disturbance Signals by Use of Feedback”.

1. The output of a feedback control system must be a function of
a) Reference and output
b) Reference and input
c) Input and feedback signal
d) Output and feedback signal

2. A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from
a) Saturation in amplifying stages
b) Loss of gain
c) Vibrations
d) Oscillations

3. Regenerative feedback implies feedback with
a) Oscillations
b) Step input
c) Negative sign
d) Positive sign

4. Zero initial condition for a system means
a) Input reference signal is zero
b) Zero stored energy
c) Initial movement of moving parts
d) System is at rest and no energy is stored in any of its components

5. The band width, in a feedback amplifier.
a) Remains unaffected
b) Decreases by the same amount as the gain increase
c) Increases by the same amount as the gain decrease
d) Decreases by the same amount as the gain decrease

6. The transient response, with feedback system,
a) Rises slowly
b) Rises quickly
c) Decays slowly
d) Decays quickly

7. Transfer function of a system is used to calculate which of the following?
a) The order of the system
b) The time constant
c) The output for any given input
d) The steady state gain

8. On which of the following factors does the sensitivity of a closed loop system to gain changes and load disturbances depend?
a) Frequency
b) Loop gain
c) Forward gain
d) All of the mentioned

9. The second derivative input signals modify which of the following?
a) The time constant of the system
b) Damping of the system
c) The gain of the system
d) The time constant and suppress the oscillations

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