Concept of Convolution MCQ’s

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This set of Signals & Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Concept of Convolution”.

1. Convolution of step signal 49 times that is 49 convolution operations. The Laplace transform is ______________
a) 1s49
b) 1s50
c) 1
d) s49

2. The auto correlation of x(t) = e-atu(t) is ________________
a) e−ata2
b) e−at2a
c) e−aλa2
d) e−aλ2a

3. The resulting signal when a continuous time periodic signal x(t) having period T, is convolved with itself is ___________
a) Non-Periodic
b) Periodic having period 2T
c) Periodic having period T
d) Periodic having period T/2

4. For any given signal, average power in its 6 harmonic components as 10 mw each and fundamental component also has 10 mV power. Then, average power in the periodic signal is _______________
a) 70
b) 60
c) 10
d) 5

5. Given a signal f (t) = 3t2+2t+1, which is multiplied by 2 unit delayed version of impulse and integrated over period -∞ to ∞. The resultant is ______________
a) 1
b) 6
c) 17
d) 16

6. The CT supplies current to the current coil of a power factor meter, energy meter and, an ammeter. These are connected as?
a) All coils in parallel
b) All coils in series
c) Series-parallel connection with two in each arm
d) Series-parallel connection with one in each arm

7. One of the types of signal is an Impulse train. The type of discontinuity in an impulse train is ______________
a) Infinite
b) Zero
c) One
d) Finite

8. A PT is a device which is ___________
a) Electrostatically coupled
b) Electrically coupled
c) Electromagnetically coupled
d) Conductively coupled

9. If a signal f(t) has energy E, the energy of the signal f(100t) is equal to ____________
a) E
b) 100E
c) E/100
d) 400E

10. If the Laplace transform of f (t) = ws2+w2. The value of limt→∞ f(t) is ____________
a) Cannot be determined
b) Zero
c) Unity
d) Infinity

11. The power in the signal (t) = 8cos (20πt – π2) + 4sin (15πt) is equal to ______________
a) 40
b) 42
c) 41
d) 82

12. Two sequences x1 (n) and x2 (n) are related by x2 (n) = x1 (- n). In the z-domain, their region of convergences are _______________
a) The same
b) Reciprocal of each other
c) Negative of each other
d) Complementary

13. The auto-correlation function of a rectangular pulse of duration T is _____________
a) A rectangular pulse of duration T
b) A rectangular pulse of duration 2T
c) A triangular pulse of duration T
d) A triangular pulse of duration 2T

14. The Fourier transform (FT) of a function x (t) is X (f). The FT of dx(t)dt will be ___________
a) dX(f)df
b) 2πjf X(f)
c) X(f) jf
d) X(f)jf

15. Given the signal
X (t) = cos t, if t<0
X (t) = Sin t, if t≥0
The correct statement among the following is?
a) Periodic with fundamental period 2π
b) Periodic but with no fundamental period
c) Non-periodic and discontinuous
d) Non-periodic but continuous

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