Broadside Array MCQ’s

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This set of Antenna Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Broadside Array”.

1. What is the phase excitation difference for a broadside array?
a) 0
b) π/2
c) π
d) 3π/2

2. Which of the following statements is false regarding a broadside array?
a) The maximum radiation is normal to the axis of the array
b) Must have same amplitude excitation but different phase excitation among different elements
c) The spacing between elements must not equal to the integral multiples of λ
d) The phase excitation difference must be equal to zero

3. In Broadside array the maximum radiation is directed with respected to the array axis at an angle____
a) 90°
b) 45°
c) 0°
d) 180°

4. Which of the following cannot be the separation between elements in a broadside array to avoid grating lobes?
a) 4λ/2
b) λ/2
c) 3λ/2
d) 5λ/2

5. What would be the directivity of a linear broadside array in dB consisting 5 isotropic elements with element spacing λ/4?
a) 9.37
b) 3.97
c) 6.53
d) 3.79

6. The directivity of a linear broadside array with half wave length spacing is equal to _____
a) Unity
b) Zero
c) Half of the number of elements present in array
d) Number of elements present in array

7. Find the value θn at which null occurs for an 8-element broadside array with spacing d.
a) cos−1λnNd
b) sin−1λnNd
c) cos−12λnNd
d) sin−12λnNd

8. In a broadside array all the elements must have equal ______ excitation with similar amplitude excitations to get maximum radiation.
a) Phase
b) Frequency
c) Voltage
d) Current

9. Which of the following is false regarding a linear broadside array with 2 elements and spacing λ?
a) Directivity = 6.02 dB
b) No grating lobes are present
c) Nulls occur at cos−112
d) The maxima occurs normal to the axis of array and also at other angles

10. What is the radiation pattern of a broadside array when array element axis coincides with the 0° line?
a) Find the radiation pattern of a broadside array from the given diagram
b)Find the radiation pattern of element axis from the given diagram
c)Find the pattern of bidirectional antenna from the given diagram
d)Find the maximum radiation from the given diagram

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