Basic principles of Sine Wave Oscillator – 4 MCQ’s

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This set of Linear Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basic principles of Sine Wave Oscillator – 4″.

1. If the output of the sinewave oscillator is Vsinωot, then determine the output of the inverter in the Biphasic oscillator.
a) Vsin(ωot+(3π/2))
b) Vsin(ωot+2π)
c) Vsin(ωot+π)
d) Vsin(ωot+(π/2))

2. A function generator can produce
a) Many identical waves
b) Square and sine waves only
c) Different types of waves simultaneously
d) None of the mentioned

3. A Biphasic oscillator produces output signal that have
a) Cosine wave only
b) Both sine and cosine wave
c) Two identical sine wave
d) Two identical cosine wave

4. Which of the following have distorted sinewave?
a) Function generator
b) Biphasic oscillator
c) RC phase shit oscillator
d) Wein bridge oscillator

5. An IC function generator can allow the signals for
a) Amplitude Modulation (AM)
b) Frequency Modulation (FM)
c) Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
d) All of the mentioned

6. What will be the output, if a 180Ω resistor which was connected between 13th and 14th pin terminal is removed.

Find output when the resistor connected between 13th and 14th pin terminal is removed

a) A triangular wave
b) A sine wave
c) A square wave
d) A rectangular wave

7. Usually circuit producing sine waves are called as
a) Oscillators
b) Generators
c) Multivibrators
d) All of the mentioned

8. The current in the XR-2206 Function generator is determined by
a) External resistors
b) External capacitors
c) External capacitors or external resistors
d) Both external capacitor and external resistor

9. Find the difference of potential that can be applied to XR-2206 function generator.
a) 26v
b) 5v
c) 19v
d) 30v

10. How many set of pins are required to control the frequency in XR-2206 function generator?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) None of the mentioned

11. The value of current and frequency of the output waveform are 5A and 13.33kHz. Find the capacitance value in function generator?
a) 250µF
b) 120µF
c) 850µF
d) 370µF

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