Basic Planar Process – 2 MCQ’s

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This set of Signals & Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basic Planar Process – 2″.

1. How will be the initial artwork done for a normal IC?
a) Smaller than the final dimension of chip
b) Same as that of final dimension of chip
c) Larger than the final dimension of chip
d) None of the mentioned

2. Find the area of artwork done for a monolithic chip of area 30mil × 30mil.
a) 16 cm × 16 cm
b) 60 cm × 60 cm
c) 12 cm × 12 cm
d) 36 cm × 36 cm

3. The process involved in photolithography is
a) Making of a photographic mask only
b) Photo etching
c) Both photo etching and making of photographic mask
d) None of the mentioned

4. Mylar coated with a sheet of red photographic Mylar is used for artwork (layout) because,
a) It is used to get a colourful layout
b) It can be easily peeled off from layout
c) It is recommended colour for layouts
d) It is used for highlighting layout

5. Which type of etching process is preferred to make the photoresist immune to etchants?
a) None of the mentioned
b) Wet etching
c) Plasma etching
d) Chemical etching

6. For photographic purpose usually coordinatograph is preferred for artwork because,
a) It is a precision drafting machine
b) Cutting head can be positioned accurately
c) It can be moved along two perpendicular axes
d) All of the mentioned

7. Find the coating material used for photo etching process along with its thickness range.
a) Kodak photoresist (5000-10000Å)
b) Kodak photoresist (1000-5000Å)
c) Kodak photo etchant (1000-5000 Å)
d) Kodak photo etchant (500-1000 Å)

8. Which of the following statement is not true?
a) X-ray and Electron beam lithography technique, produce device dimensions down to submicron range.
b) Ultraviolet lithography has limitation due to diffraction effects of wavelength.
c) The cost of X-ray or Electron beam is less compared to Ultraviolet photolithography.
d) The exposure time is less in Ultraviolet compared to X-ray or Electron beam lithography.

9. Which of the following is added as an impurity to p-type material in diffusion process?
a) Phosphorous pentaoxide (P2O5)
b) Phosphorous oxychloride (POcl3)
c) Boron oxide (B2O3)
d) None of the mentioned

10. Which component is not used as an impurity in diffusion process?
a) Phosphorous
b) Boron chloride
c) Phosphorous pentaoxide
d) Boron oxide

11. What is the advantage of using Ion implantation process?
a) Lateral spreading is more
b) Performed at high temperature
c) Beam current controlled from outside
d) Performed at low temperature

12. In the fabrication of monolithic ICs, Boron chloride is added as an impurity in the diffusion process. Find the diffusion time, if the furnace is heated up to 1200oc.
a) 1 hour
b) 2 hours
c) 45 minutes
d) 30 minutes

13. In ion implantation method, penetrating the ions into the silicon wafer depends upon
a) Accelerating voltage
b) Accelerating speed
c) Accelerating current
d) All of the mentioned

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