Basic DAC Techniques – 1 MCQ’s

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This set of Signals & Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basic DAC Techniques – 1″.

1. Why the switches used in weighted resistor DAC are of single pole double throw (SPDT) type?
a) To connect the resistance to reference voltage
b) To connect the resistance to ground
c) To connect the resistance to either reference voltage or ground
d) To connect the resistance to output

2. Determine the output current for an n-bit weighted resistor DAC?advertisement

a) (VR/R )× (do/2 +d1/22 + ……dn/2n)
b) (VR/R )× (d1/21 +d2/22 + ……dn/2n)
c) (VR/R )× (d02/2 +d12/22 + ……dn2/2n)
d) None of the mentioned

3. Express the output voltage of digital to analog converter?
a) Vo =KVFS(d12-1+d22-2+….dn2-n)
b) Vo =VFS/k(d12-1+d22-2+….dn2-n)
c) Vo =VFS(d12-1+d22-2+….dn2-n)
d) Vo =K(d12-1+d22-2+….dn2-n)

4. In a D-A converter with binary weighted resistor, a desired step size can be obtained by
a) Selecting proper value of VFS
b) Selecting proper value of R
c) Selecting proper value of RF
d) All of the mentioned

5. Pick out the incorrect statement “In a 3 bit weighted resistor DAC”
a) Although the op-amp is connected in inverting mode, it can also be connected in non-inverting mode
b) The op-amp simply work as a current to voltage converter
c) The polarity of the reference voltage is chosen in accordance with the input voltage
d) None of the mentioned

6. The smallest resistor in a 12 bit weighted resistor DAC is 2.5kΩ, what will be the largest resistor value?
a) 40.96MΩ
b) 10.24MΩ
c) 61.44 MΩ
d) 18.43MΩ

7. Determine the Full scale output in a 8-bit DAC for 0-15v range?
a) Full scale output=15.1v
b) Full scale output=15.2v
c) Full scale output=14.5v
d) Full scale output=14.94v

8. What is the disadvantage of binary weighted type DAC?
a) Require wide range of resistors
b) High operating frequency
c) High power consumption
d) Slow switching

9. CMOS inverter is used as SPDT switch in resistor DAC and is connected to the op-amp line. Find the output of CMOS, if the input applied is 1
a) Resistance is connected to ground
b) Resistance is connected to input line
c) Resistance is connected to bit line
d) None of the mentioned

10. Find output voltage equation for 3 bit DAC converter with R and 2R resistor?
a) Vo= -RF [(b2/8R) +(b1/4R) +(b0/2R)].
b) Vo= -RF [(b2/R) +(b1/2R) +(b0/4R)].
c) Vo= -RF [(b2/2R)+(b1/4R) +(b0/8R)].
d) Vo= -RF [(b0/4R)+(b1/2R) +(b2/R)].

11. How to overcome the limitation of binary weighted resistor type DAC?
a) Using R-2R ladder type DAC
b) Multiplying DACs
c) Using monolithic DAC
d) Using hybrid DAC

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