Architecture MCQ’s

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This set of Microcontroller Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Architecture”.

1. Which of the following bit/s of the status register that allows the microcontroller to operate in its low power mode?
a) Z
b) Reserved
c) CPU off
d) N

2. What is actually done to improve the efficiency of a RISC processor?
a) instructions are reduced
b) they have two or more processors inbuilt connected between
c) they have many instructions that are interrelated to each other
d) they have one or more registers hard wired to the commonly used values

3. In MSP430, the size of the status register is ________
a) 1 byte
b) 2 bytes
c) 1 bit
d) 2 bit

4. To improve the efficiency of an MSP430 based microcontroller, for one register
a) there is only one value for all addressing modes
b) there are two values for each addressing mode
c) there are 2 values for four addressing modes
d) there are 4 values for four addressing modes

5. .w form is used for operations
a) that uses bytes
b) that uses words
c) that uses both
d) that uses none

6. Which out of the following is a correct emulated instruction?
a) ADC(.B) dst
b) ADD(.B) src,dst
c) ADDC(.B) src,dst
d) AND(.B) src,dst

7. Their are_______________ number of emulated instructions found in the MSP430?
a) 4
b) 8
c) 16
d) 24

8. Pre increment addressing is available in MSP430?
a) true
b) false
c) cant be said
d) depends on the conditions

9. dadd instruction can act as _____________
a) valid BCD addition
b) valid adder with carry
c) all of the mentioned
d) none of the mentioned

10. Which of the following instructions don’t affect the status bits?
a) bis
b) bic
c) bis & bic
d) none of the mentioned

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